SCP exists to glorify God through partnering with church leaders in nations, regions, and cities throughout the world towards the full evangelization of those places through the mobilization of the Church. Over the last three decades SCP has had the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders around the globe toward this outcome. 



“By 2060, to see a developed network of Antioch churches in 10 regions around the world, primarily focusing on pivot nations.”

A pivot nation is a country that has geographic influence in the midst of a significant number of contiguous nations.




  1. Whatever God is going to do in the world, He is going to do through all of Christ’s people, the church.
  2. Whatever God is going to do in the world through all of Christ’s people, He is going to do it primarily through a decentralized structure.
  3. Whatever God is going to do in the world, He is going to do through leaders who empower His people as their first priority, and as more important than their own giftedness.
  4. Whatever God is going to do in the world distant from any local church’s circle of accountability, He is going to do through the resources of churches, telescoped in joint- venture with the Holy Spirit and with indigenous resources. 

The network of Antioch churches will be as follows. In each pivot nation, SCPI will seek to repurpose or plant Gospel-centered churches that exhibit the 7 characteristics of Antioch churches, and that have the ability to carry the vision of SCP across a state or region of that nation. These churches will influence hundreds of other churches in their geography and telescope into neighboring countries.

Antioch Church Characteristics

The 7 characteristics are not dependent on each other but complement one another for the accomplishment of God’s Mission.

  1. Target Driven describes a congregation that is committed to the evangelization of every man, woman and child in a specific geography by giving repeated opportunities to respond to the Gospel as it is seen, heard and felt through the lives of God’s people.
  2. Measurable Incarnate Values are the threshold characteristics that leadership has determined are non-negotiable for growing God’s people to be instruments of His glory for His mission. Leadership in these congregations have plans and strategies for nurturing the people of God in these values while at the same time measuring the quality expressed in the their lives: 1) Intimacy with God, 2) Fruit of the Spirit, 3) Grace Testimony, 4) Gifts of the Spirit, 5) Stewardship of Life, 6) Personal Circle of Accountability.
  3. People Empowerment Intensive means that the primary strategies for the evangelization of the target are dependent on facilitating all of God’s people, not on the activity of exceptional leaders. Leadership is postured to identify, invest and develop the abilities, gifting and passions that God personally gives to His people.
  4. Laterally Postured congregations are structurally organized to cooperate with the decentralization of people, so that the focus is on multiplying incarnational groups of believers throughout their target.
  5. Interdependent Leadership is more than one, diversely gifted and mutually dependent for the accomplishment of God’s Mission for His people.
  6. Antioch Related to Other Churches is based on the conviction that God has one body and one mission. These congregations are intentionally partnered and humbly related to other congregations for the unity and purpose of the Church.
  7. Telescoping is a posture of missions directed at facilitating indigenous leadership in distant locations. These congregations seek to reproduce the principles, not the models, that are foundational to the extension of God’s Mission in the World through the multiplication of His people in a locality culturally different from themselves.